Lanie and Titan’s Litter have arrived. We have 4 males and 5  females available to go to new homes approximately August 15th-30th, 2014. I will mark them as sold as the families with paid deposits choose their puppies. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see the list of families on this waiting list. As of now we have no puppies available from this litter. If any of the families decide to wait on another litter a spot will open up-but doubtful.  Click on drop down menu to see individual photos of each puppy. Then click the back button to return to previous page.

Lanie with her nine sweet, healthy boxer babies. She is a great mom and doesn’t mind sharing her babies so we can spoil them.

Nothing sweeter than when a baby snuggles with her momma. This is so precious!

Grand daughters couldn’t wait to get over here to see our new puppies.

They love it when we get a tiny one so they can help to bottle feed. 


    True puppy LOVE!!!

New Forever Families-Order of puppy selection. As you select your puppy your name will be added to your boxer baby page and marked as sold. Please make selection at aound three weeks so everyone has a few days choose. If you know your puppies name we will add that also. Feel free to come and visit or request pics and short videos to help you choose the right puppy for you and your family.

Thank You

1. Kim C. #6 GIRL

2. Stacy S. #3 GIRL

3. Laura J. #4 BOY

4. Lisa C. #9 BOY

5. Tanya J. #5 GIRL

6. Jennifer M. #7 BOY

7. Melissa S. #1 GIRL

8. Heather F.  #8 GIRL

9. Joe D. #2 BOY

10. Kim H.-next litter

11. Rachael C.-next litter

12. Chris H.