#7 HENRY Newest member of the McCoy Family $1300.00


Wow what a day. I arrived at 1:52pm seventh in line. I may not be the biggest at 11.6 ounces, but I am very handsome. I am the third flashy with a full collar out of all the litters we have had at the boxer barn. My mom couldn’t believe it. Took forever to get one like me, and now me and my sis in the same litter. I have a very dark velvet like black mask on my face and a perfect white blaze down the center of my nose. My full collar extends around and down my chest. When I learn to stand I am going to be quite the looker. And be sure to check my socks. I have four realy nice ones. I’d be great to show, but if not I’m perfectly content just being your best friend.

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