#9 APOLLO newest member of the Cajigas family. $600.00


Well it took me a while, but at 2:47pm I finally made my debut. All my brothers and sisters shoved me to the back of the line. I am a sweet little fella. Not only was I the last to arrive, I am also the smallest weighing in at a whopping 9 ounces. My other mom is bottle feeding me so I can be sure to get plenty of food since the others push me around. I am sure to be spoiled more than the rest. I am going to be a very dark fawn boy with a black mask. I look just like my dad and someday I will be big like him. My nose has a small blaze of white. By the time I grow it will probably not be very big. I have all four white paws and some white on my chest. Be ready to pamper and snuggle me because by the time you get me I will be very used to lots of attention. 

4 Weeks Old