Welcome to The Boxer Barn…We are getting ready to add on and do a complete renovation of our boxer barn. Plans are to have it all done July 2014. Check back to see our progress. I think the girls and the little ones are gonna love it.

Although our dogs are house pets, we decided we needed a place for them when puppies reached a certain age. We wanted a place that was safe, but it was also important that we kept them as comfortable in their own area as they are while indoors with us. With this in mind we created “The Boxer Barn”. Our dogs are no ordinary dogs, so their home away from home couldn’t be ordinary. We purchased an amish built barn complete with front door, windows and covered porch. We had it insulated and built four individual pens indoors with runs outside on a concrete pad. Each pen has a doggie door so they can run and play or lay around and sleep. It is equipped with electricity and water. Our boxers even have a front porch light. We plan on adding an air conditioner and heating unit in the near future. Our puppies are born in the house with us under close supervision. It’s good to know that once they reach 2-3 weeks of age they have a safe comfortable place to be. We like the way it has all turned out and hope you like it too.

The Boxer Barn

Their front porch where they visit and  relax with visitors!
We finally have it landscaped. Just waiting for the flowers to grow!
Their outdoor pens where they can  relax under the big shade tree. 
They even have their own flag with a beach scene!!
One of the boys sitting in the wheelbarrow of petunias!