Introducing Maggie. She belongs to Devin, April and Colten. She was born on August 29, 2012. Our Kacee is her mother, and Lanie was the oldest in her litter. Maggie was the last one out. She is the first reverse brindle we have ever had. It’s very hard to get good photos of her because she is so dark. She loves her whole family, but especially Colten. They are always teaching her new tricks. She sits, shakes, rolls, stays and will lay down on command. Her newest trick is playing dead after they shoot her with an imaginary gun. Maggie weighs in at about 50 pounds. Very lean body. She is almost black in color. In the right light you can see her red stripes better. She has white on all four paws and a little on her chest. I am anxious to see what her puppies look like when she is old enough to be bred. We plan on breeding her to Scout. Should be some pretty babies with a bit of variety in 2014 I hope.








Maggie at about 5 weeks of age. 











Maggie all grown up. Pretty girl.


This photo shows her colors better because the sunlight is shining on her. Normally you can’t see the red this well.