Introducing Lanie. She is a female we kept from KaCee’s first litter. This was the first flashy puppy any of my boxers had ever whelped. She was born August 29, 2012. She is a very flashy fawn. She has all four white socks, full white collar and white on her chest and down the center of her face. She is a sturdy built girl and weighs about 57 pounds on average. Strong solid body and very muscular. Lanie is the most playful one we have now. Mainly because she is the youngest and still a pup. Although most boxers never grow up…just get older. She is full of energy and tends to think everyone wants her kisses. She loves mischief and she can outsmart all of us when she wants her way.  This little gal is full of love. She will be bred in 2014. So be watching for her first litter.

Lanie at six weeks.

Lanie always roots for “Da Bears” She’s a huge fan!

Lanie now. She loves playing with the puppies!!!