We do not have any male dogs. When it is time to find a breeder we call our vet and/or ask around to find families that raise quality boxers. It is important to us that we only breed to well mannered and tempered dogs that have the qualities you expect in the AKC breed standard guidelines. If you have an AKC boxer male you would be interested in using as a stud please call or email me. I do not take my females to you. Stud must be brought to me. I have the facility to keep him safe. And there is no chance of my female being bred by mistake to the wrong dog. You must show proof of vet checks, and all shots up to date. I also require a kennel cough vaccine before bringing them to me. I will pay $400.00 stud fee to you at time of birth or you can choose to have pick of the litter with a credit of $400.00 toward the price of a puppy. Breeding dogs is fun, but very costly and time consuming. It is also hard work. I feel like  the pick and/or the fee should be proportional. This goes into effect January 2014. This does not pertain to any studs used in 2013. Call if you have a male you think might fit my standards. I would love to see photos of him and AKC papers  before setting up a time to meet with you and him. But always willing to find another gorgeous male to add to our stud family.