Meet Bentley. He was born December 24, 2010. He belongs to the Myers family. Jamie and her mother have been breeding boxers for many years. I have purchased two of my girls from them. Bentley was raised from one of their own litters. I’m excited to have him because it brings some of our Rosie’s bloodline back into our family. Bentleys grandfather was our Rosie’s father. So I feel very confident that his litter will be nothing less than perfect. Bentley was bred to KaCee in December 2013. We are expecting their puppies to arrive approximately February 15, 2014. He is a 3 year old dark mahogany male. Check out the size of his feet. He’s a big strong solid boy. He has a nice boxy head and very broad chest. His markings are perfect. The way I like a boxer to look. He weighs around 75 pounds. He is great with kids and has a really sweet disposition. If the puppies are anything like him and KaCee then we should have a great litter of well behaved boxer babies.


I have no puppy photos of him. These pics were shot while he was here with us. So they are recent photos. He is gorgeous. I love everything about him.