Meet Scout. He belongs to Aaron and Amy Hines. I am really excited to bring this fella into our boxer family. He was born on November 13, 2010 . He sired Sophie’s litter that is due Feb 2014 . Scout is a fun loving house dog. He loves spending time just relaxing on the couch and hanging out with his owners. We were fortunate to have him here with us through the 2013 Christmas holiday. He quickly fell in love with all the grand kids and they loved playing with him. So easy going. He was my buddy for several days. Constantly by my side. Such a love. Scout is a very regal boxer. Tall with a broad chest and head. He weighs about 73 pounds, but carries it well. He is a dark mahogany with white socks ands markings. Sophie and him should have some beautiful fawn puppies! I cant wait to see them.

Scout when he was a puppy
Scout…Looks like he has the best seat in the house!
Scout…So proud and regal. 
My favorite picture of him. He’s such a tough guy!!!